Shoe Cleaning

Shoe Cleaning and Repairing Service Near Me

You can tell alot about a person by their shoes. So, don't let your image down, we are their to help you.

InstaClean DC provides a wide range of solutions for all your shoe problems. From worn-down shoe heels to leather that has lost its shine, we rejuvenate the look and feel of your shoes, making sure that your favourite pair doesn't get discarded too soon.

With knowledge and experience in handling a variety of shoe fabrics, we have identified different cleaning agents which can be safe and effective for your shoes.

Leather Shoe Polishing

We know how easily shoes can make or break a look, and this is why the build, the look, and colour of shoes deserve so much attention. Make your leather shoes shine like new so you can walk out with confidence and look your best in them.

Shoelace Replacement

Shoelaces suffer a lot of wear and tear over time and they may require regular replacement to make sure your shoes look good. We help you find the right replacement for your shoelaces.

Shoe Dry-Cleaning

With safe cleaning agents and proper attention, we make sure your shoes look as good as new once they have been dry-cleaned. Spots and stains are carefully cleaned without impacting the fabric or material used for your shoes.

Shoe Sole / Heel Replacement

Whether it is a damaged heel or a worn-down sole, InstaClean DC gets the repair done for an extended shoe life without discounting on the comfort or quality of your favourite pair.

Shoe Cleaning